Spiced Pepper Sweet Potato Fries

It’s no surprise that I love french fries. Everyone loves french fries. Shoestring, crinkle cut, waffle, wedge, you name it. Let’s cut to the chase and get french-frying.

Things I used:

Sweet potato: white fleshed are my personal fav

1 tsp Pepper Plant seasoning: this spice blend is a game changer. My dad and I use this daily!

1 tsp Paprika

1 tsp Onion powder

1/2 tsp Cayenne

Oil of choice: I use this avocado oil spray.

How I did it:

Chop sweet potato into fries

Spray avocado oil on fries and toss until they’re all covered

Add spices and toss until all fries are evenly coated

Air fry at 400°F, shaking the basket every couple of minutes until nice and crispy. If the fries aren’t crispy enough for you, add some more oil, toss, and continue cooking until you’re a happy camper.

Serve with my favorite spicy hummus dip if you’re up for some more peppery action! Mix some traditional hummus with hot sauce and get dippin!