What I Ate in San Diego

I spent my entire Sunday down in San Diego. This meant from sun up to sun down, I was going to be eating out all day. 

Eating out seems to come with the reputation of being pretty bad for you. For a long time I, too, fell into this rut. I was so overwhelmed with everyone warning to ration the amount of times you're eating out that it made me not want to go out for any meal, ever! 

I strongly believe that spending time with your family and friends is far more important than obsessing over eating a 100% healthy diet. I wish someone told me this before I slipped into months of turning down dinner plans in fear of how one or two meals out were going to ruin my health. Ironically, my body became more unhealthy as I limited the times and situations I was willing to spend time with the people who create a space of emotional health for me. 

Healthy living doesn't require perfect eating and perfect fitness. Again, comes the beautiful idea of balance! A lifestyle where I'm eating healthy majority of the time leaves me with plenty of room to enjoy dinners out or ice cream or girl scout cookies or whatever my heart pleases. (Read a little bit about the 80/20 lifestyle here, just be aware of the mental approach you're taking towards the 20%. Never allow yourself to associate guilt with the foods you'd eat 20% of the time. Ex: don't spend the entire time you're eating that cupcake planning out the super hardcore workout you're going to do to make up for indulging. That's defeating the purpose of a balanced lifestyle.) 

Though eating out can be unhealthy, it all comes down to the choices you make when packing snacks and ordering off the menu (order multiple in this case). All restaurants have healthy options even if they're not smack dab in front of your face on the front page! Even if it takes some digging, I'm always able to find healthier options that are equally as enjoyable and filling as the not-so healthy stuff.

Bringing your own snacks when leaving the house for the entire day is a smart way to stay on track. Before leaving, I packed: 

  • My water bottle

  • An apple

  • Some walnuts

  • TJ's peanut butter granola w/ a tbsp of chia seeds

  • A sliced banana

  • A Square Organics chocolate covered cookie dough bar

  • A piece of Ghirardelli's dark chocolate

For breakfast, we stopped at Starbucks and I ordered a blueberry oatmeal and a green tea with almond milk. Starbucks has oatmeal, friends!!! How exciting!! This oatmeal comes with optional toppings of fresh blueberries, agave nectar, and a packet of dried fruits and nuts. Before leaving Starbucks, I added some cinnamon from their little self-serve bar. In the car, I added the blueberries, my granola and chia seeds, and the sliced banana. This was so good!

For lunch, we went to a little restaurant in SeaWorld. This place's menu was oozing with chicken tenders and burgers and pastas and fries, but I honestly was not craving any of that. Being the super sleuth I am, I took my eyes off the menu that seemed limited, scanned the layout of food choices, and found out they have a turkey/avocado sandwich. I love sandwiches. Loooove love love sandwiches. Especially ones with avocado! Spotting this option made my eyes gleam. This Hulk of a thing was loaded with three pieces of whole grain bread, turkey, tomato, avocado, cheese, lettuce, and some sauce that I don't know how to describe other than comparing it to In-N-Out's Thousand Island. Without much thinking, I omitted the third slice of bread and the cheese (I really don't like cheese, don't judge me). For sides, I had a cup of watermelon and some ruffle chips, which I only had a couple of because my main goal was to finish that monster of a sandwich! (I succeeded).

For snacks throughout the day, I ate my protein bar, dark chocolate, and apple. (Didn't get around to the walnuts thanks to that massive sandwich).

For dinner, we went to this restaurant in Old Town San Diego called Cafe Coyote. I ate a few chips and salsa before my meal which was two tacos that consisted of soft-shell corn tortillas with chicken breast, lettuce, pico de gallo, and some added salsa. These tacos were actually huge so I'm glad I didn't order any sides.

Everything I ate was so satisfying. I'm so glad I got to enjoy the day in San Diego with some people that I love dearly and eating really good food sans guilt! Don't let the fear of being stuck with options that aren't the healthiest keep you limited to your own fridge!

JournalKailee Walters