Buying the Best Sourdough

I’m gonna teach you how to buy bread. If we’re going to be getting this bread, you better believe we’re going to be getting the right bread.

As you may know, I’m all about ingredients. What’s in this, how do you even pronounce that, are all of these things really necessary?? Chances are, you’re buying bread that’s packed with more things than truly are necessary. No worries, I’m hear to give a little clarification on my favorite bread and what the ingredients should look like!

Sourdough is my favorite kind of bread, always has been, always will be! True sourdough is actually a fermented bread and requires no yeast to bake. This means that the dough sits for a few hours before being baked, allowing the gluten to be broken down into sugars that are easier for our systems to digest. With that being said, here’s how to buy the best sourdough!

Step 1: Decide, deep in your heart, that sourdough is the best bread on the market. (Okay, obviously I am joking, my bias is showing. This blog has no intentions to be tyrannical over your bread decisions. Yet, should you choose to buy sourdough bread, seriously consider following the next few steps).

Step 2: Turn that loaf over and read the ingredients! A true sourdough only needs 3-4 ingredients —flour, water, starter, and salt. Whole grain flour and sea salt are great options to look for on the label!

Step 3: Buy the bread.

Step 4 (not required but highly recommended): Toast the bread until nicely colored.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, top with plain yogurt or nutbutter (using both makes for an even better combo), fresh fruit, and cinnamon. If you’re feeling savory, top with avocado, thinly sliced tomato, an egg, and some dried herbs. I typically slice my toast in half and go for both sweet and savory.

Either way, enjoy the heck out of your toast and consider it your new staple brekky!