How to Save the Planet Without Thinking About it Too Much

Over the years, I’ve invested in some reusable products to passively help save the planet. Buying these products has not only helped reduce my carbon footprint but has also saved me money!

Here’s a list of sustainable, planet-saving gadgets I love!!

Insulated Water Bottle

Enough with the huge cases of plastic water bottles!!!! Save yourself, your bedroom, and you car from the clutter and get yourself one of these bad boys. I carry mine EVERYWHERE: the gym, school, work. I have a 24oz also incase I don’t feel like lugging my 32oz around. But honestly, the 32oz is my trusty steed. Buyer beware: dropping this thing ANYWHERE will scare the bajeebies out of everyone within ear’s distance. Embarrassing but worth it, still.

Insulated Coffee (let’s be real—tea) Mug

I live and breathe and thrive with this cruiser in my hand. Chilly, early morning drives to school are made better accompanied by this thing!! This has an open sip-top lid but has never done me dirty and spilled (Knocking on wood that this does not change anytime soon. Not interested in matcha-stained pants)

Insulated Coffee (you guessed it—tea) Flask

I take this little gadget with my to the beach and whenever I’m putting collagen in a drink after mixing. This lid screws onto the flask and has a closable lid so I can avoid getting sand in my drink or add collagen and shake it around. P.S.—Hydro isn’t joking around, by the way. The take insulation SERIOUSLY and are in the business of frying your tastebuds into next Tuesday if you’re not careful to pour the contents in at your desired drinking temperature.

Stainless Steel Straws

Having these accessible in my house eliminated our need to buy straws over and over. If any of my family members, guests, or I need a straw, we’ve got them handy! I also have a mini one that I got with my Healthy Human mug. Not only is it super cute and mini, it’s the perfect size for drinks in smaller glasses and mason jars!!

Grocery/Produce Tote Bags

I linked my favorite tote to date. It’s the sturdiest tote I have and it’s the cheapest one, too! Tote bags are also (apparently) my souvenir of choice when traveling. When in Europe a few weeks ago, I picked up one from my cousins’ city in Germany, one from Strasbourg, and also was kindly given one by my cousin as a response to me saying “I really want a cute tote bag from Germany.”

Also, I have a couple of very cute produce bags that I got from my nearest farmer’s market. A couple months ago, I stumbled upon a little booth that was selling three hand-painted veggies/plants on produce bags for $5. The cutest deal I couldn’t dare refuse. Bye annoyingly loud and difficult-to-open plastic produce bags!!!

Washable Organic Cotton Rounds

A while ago, I realized how wasteful I was with cotton balls. Using one to take face makeup, another for mascara on one eye, another for the next, and yet another for toner was way embarrassingly too many cotton balls. Plus I hate taking the trash out. Buying these limited my need for cotton balls AND the frequency at which we needed to empty the bathroom trashcan. I store the clean ones in a little glass jar on the bathroom counter and wash them in the little baggy whenever I’m running low. I genuinely wish I made this swap sooner!

Doing your part to help protect our planet doesn’t require much thought or stress! Making these swaps helped prepare me to continue making sustainable decisions in the future and ticked a few things off my grocery list for good. We’re all winners here!!