I'm very picky about eating out for breakfast because I love making my own at home. When it comes to breakfast, I'm either going big or I'm staying home. If you love breakfast like I love breakfast, Restauration in Long Beach is a beautiful place to venture to. This place goes big, so big that you're glad you didn't stay home.

I really love homestyle breakfasts; eggs, toast, breakfast potatoes. Something about the classic combo can't ever grow old to me! Their breakfast/brunch menu was small but mighty. The limited options gave me the notion that they know what they're doing with the available choices. I found it fitting to go with the Traditional Breakfast; two eggs, grilled bread, baby potatoes, and bacon (that I swapped for avocado). To my delight, they DID indeed know what they were doing! Such a classy spin was put on my homestyle favorite. Two eggs over medium, potatoes seasoned with rosemary leaves and garlic, and the FLUFFIEST bread in the entire world topped with avocado and black pepper. Lethally delicious. 

This awesome restaurant also offers a very fresh and... restoring atmosphere (I couldn't think of a better word. Frankly, I didn't try that hard to do so either. Its too fitting). Sitting outside in the cool morning surrounded by probably a million plants eating a good meal is my favorite way to start the day. 

Grab some great company and start you morning strong!