Let's Talk Tropics

There is a reason why warmer weather is associated with a plethora of fruity dishes, it's tropical fruit season!!!

Thanks to Melissa's Produce, I got my fruit-frenzied hands all over some of the best quality tropical fruits out there. Tree-ripened mangoes from Mexico, Magenta-fleshed dragonfruit (also known as pitaya) from Vietnam, and yellow dragonfruit from Israel!! 

Aside from the fact that these three fruits have some of the greatest and sweetest flavors, they are so rich in health benefits. It would be wrong to not address the crazy-good impact these guys can have on our bodies!!

Let's talk nutrient content & benefits of these tropical goods, since they're practically edible gold for our health:


  • Vitamin C: helps to repair and regenerate tissues, protect against heart disease, aid in the absorption of iron, supports healthy cognitive and neurologic function, required for collagen formation, plays an important role in immune function and wound healing, and helps to keep gums and teeth healthy (Andrew Weil, M.D and The National Mango Board)

  • Vitamin A: is important to eyesight health, immune function, reproductive health, maintaining healthy skin, and bone growth (NMB)

  • Folate: influences the creation of red blood cells and DNA and supports a healthy cardiovascular system (NMB)

  • Fiber: aids digestion and slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream (NMB)

  • Vitamin B6: supports healthy immune function, cognitive development, maintenance of normal blood sugar levels and normal nerve function, and the creation of hemoglobin which carries oxygen from the lungs to the body (NMB)

  • Copper: aids in the formation of red blood cells, supports healthy immune function, and helps to maintain bone health (NMB)


  • Fiber

  • Lycopene: is an extremely powerful antioxidant that prevents the damaging effects of dichlorvos from impacting our adrenal cortex (Dr. Axe)

  • Beta-Carotene: you can thank this little carotenoid for making pitayas so pretty, this is what gives them their pigment!! Aside from the crazy vibrant colors, carotenoids are known to prevent chronic disease and protect the body from free radicals (Dr. Axe)

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine): converts nutrients from food into energy and helps maintain proper heart and nerve function (Dr. Axe)

  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): is important for the growth, development, and function of cells and also helps to convert food into useable energy (National Institutes of Health)

  • Calcium: required for proper cardiovascular function, muscle function, nerve transmission, and intracellular signaling and hormonal secretion (National Institutes of Health)

  • Phosphorus: helps form bones and teeth and makes protein for the growth, maintenance, and repair of cells and tissues (Medline Plus)

  • Iron: is used create the proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin as well as some hormones and connective tissues (National Institutes of Health)


Get your hands on some tropical fruits like these ones!!

Not only will your body thank you, but your tastebuds will too :)