Roasted Chicken & Veggie Leftovers

First things first: 

I absolutely hate when the microwave beeps. So much so that I'll do anything to jump in front of that tiny machine and hit the stop button a mere second before I have to hear it go off. And unfortunately, sometimes this comes at a cost. Today, I prioritized the need to stop the microwave over properly setting down a bag full of six glass probiotic drinks. Yes, I let the imaginary competition get the best of me. I spent half an hour mopping the lake that was now my kitchen and cleaning up shards of glass. But did I succeed in stopping the microwave? Yes!!

Leftovers!!! Great concept. Kind of like meal prepping without knowing you're meal prepping. 

Last night part of our dinner was roasted cauliflower, squash, and zucchini. Upon opening my fridge around lunch, I spotted the tupperware and figured that was a smart, easy way to throw some vegetables into my lunch. The veggies were simply drizzled in olive oil and seasoned either with turmeric or lemon pepper by my dad and roasted in the oven at about 375F for 40-45 minutes.

With the leftover veggies, I added a big handful of freshly-sautéed spinach and chopped green onions along with a little bit of brown rice & quinoa and heated up roasted chicken breast topped with some homestyle salsa. The roasted chicken and salsa can both be found at Trader Joe's! I love picking up some roasted chicken because it makes meals pretty easy throughout the week and still leaves me with plenty of options of what I can toss some chicken into. 

A major tip I have for eating leftovers is not repeating the same exact dish you had the night before. I mean, unless you really want to. I just find that only taking a portion of what you ate the night before tricks your brain into thinking you're eating an entirely different meal (ex: I only opted for the vegetables and rice from last night and decided to switch up the protein)! If you're like me and prefer to switch up the foods you eat quite often, this is definitely a smart way to both change up your meals and make the most of your leftovers!

I also drank some of my favorite kombucha that luckily wasn't residing in the bag at the time of the disaster. Blessed.

This lunch was very good! It probably would have been a little better had I been able to eat it after the first reheat, without the stress that came along with turning into Cinderella pre-horse-drawn carriage. But hey, it was just the refuel this microwave-stopper needed!

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