Eating My Way Through ATX

If your DNA has even the slightest trace of the foodie-gene, you need to get to Austin, Texas… and you need to get there fast. I was so impressed by the popularity of sourcing local, quality ingredients in Texas. It’s a utopia of what I think food culture should look like, really.

An overwhelming list of endless options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and every snack in between await your visit… Luckily, I’m here to ease your way through the ATX food scene one tasty stop at a time!!

Here’s how to eat your way through ATX just like I did:

Sit-Down Restaurants

True Food Kitchen: Farm to table heaven!!! This lovely joint has a super transparent atmosphere. You can see what’s going on in the kitchen and know exactly what you’re eating. I ordered the Teriyaki Quinoa bowl!

Bouldin Creek Café: Good service, great prices, incredible menu!! If you’re looking for a chilled out diner but are still in the mood for healthy food, this is your place! I let our server choose one the two options I was between and he even had a hard time deciding because he loved them both! After careful consideration, I ended up going on the Greek Quinoa Bowl. House-made hummus, quinoa tabbouleh, garlic tahini dressing, all atop the most crisp veggies around! Right up my alley. Amazing.

High Note: I ordered the Edamole Toast (edamame and guac, soft-boiled egg, toasted sunflower seeds, pickled onion, radish, fresh herbs, sourdough). The sourdough was SO fresh, the egg was topped with toasted sunflower seeds and fresh dill, and there was a good amount of spinach tossed in a fresh lemon vinaigrette. Did I mention it was fresh??

Picnik: When I tell you Picnik cares about ingredients, understand they not only talk the talk but they walk the walk. This joint is suitable for all kinds of dietary needs out there and is super transparent with ingredient sourcing. You can easily locate exactly who and where they got their ingredients from, majority of which happen to be right from the horse’s mouth (ATX, that is). That is something you definitely don’t see on a menu everyday!! Good ingredients, sustainable sourcing, and ALL kinds of cultural options. Hop on over to Picnik if you want to enjoy the best Vegan Cashew Queso you've ever had and a Red Thai Curry in the same meal. No regrets will be had. Scout’s honor!

There are also little Picnik trucks scattered throughout ATX with tons of lattés and baked goods! After a workout class one morning we stopped at one of the trucks and I picked up the Sunrise Milk. I tried my friend’s dirty chai which tasted like Christmas but I was still a happy camper—picnicker—with my coconut milk and turmeric latté.

Quick Lunches & Food Trucks

JuiceLand: Fear not non-juice/smoothie obsessors, we’re on the same boat. They’re most loved for their drinks, but I came for the wraps and left a happy girl with a happier belly. My friend and I got the Falafel Wrap and the Queso Wrap then did a little swap so we each had half of both. That’s the move. The prices were super reasonable, too, which served as just another reason for overall satisfaction.

ATX Food Co: It would be wrong if I wound up in Texas and didn’t hit up a food truck, right? Absolutely. This lovely little vehicle was situated less than a 5 minute walk from our Airbnb. The owner is super sweet and was kind enough to let us sample one of their chocolate smoothies which was tasty and nutritious as could be! I got a small Lucky Squash Bowl. They seasoned the veggies with nori and didn’t skimp on the avocado, what else could I have asked for?! Maybe the large bowl instead of the small because I too quickly finished and only found myself wanting more.

Coffee & Tea

Merit Coffee: Home to a banging matcha latté and all the milk alternatives you could dream of. A big thumbs up from me (it’s worth two thumbs up, but you can’t hold a drink when your thumb is up in approval).

Ice Cream Shops

Sweet Ritual: Entirely vegan ice cream that could easily deceive and turn the heart of any vegan ice cream hater out there. I got Mint Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate! Sure, mint chip and peanut butter maybe don’t sound like the best combo but you shouldn’t say “no” until you’ve tasted what I’ve tasted. Minty-ness of the mint chip: good. Ratio of peanut butter/chocolate globs to ice-cream: good. Scoop size: goooooooood. It would’ve been really silly to not order both when they are my favorite after all.

Lick Honest Ice Cream: I ordered a scoop of the Fresh Mint & Chocolate Chip and a scoop of Vegan Chocolate Chocolate. This cute little shop had tons of farm-fresh inspired flavors like Goat Cheese Thyme & Honey, Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint, and Texas Sheet Cake. I wouldn’t say my order was playing it safe despite the fancy flavor variety, Lick has the classics like mint chip and chocolate on lock. Loved it!


In the event that you’re also looking for ways to adventure your way through Austin, here’s a bit of what my friends and I got up to:

Austin Bouldering Project: Whether you’ve been climbing for years or you’re brand new, ABP is such a fun experience! Super clean, colorful, and welcoming. There are tons of levels and courses available since the gym is so huge. Definitely a highlight of my trip! They also offer student discount—score!

Barton Springs: You can pay a day fee to swim in the springs (definitely a good idea if you’ve got a suit with you) or you can just hike down by the water and people/dog-watch like we did!

SFC Farmer’s Market: Located in Downtown Austin on Saturdays with tons of goodies ranging from pickled veggies and fresh produce to homemade granola and local-made kombucha. If that didn’t convince you, they also have a live jazz band. Heaven on earth apparently is located here on Saturdays. All are welcomed!!

Hiking Zilker Park and Downtown Austin: (We did lots and lots and lots of walking. For a gal who thrives when she goes on long walks, you can imagine how content I was with this). It’s hotter than the devil’s armpit in late Spring and the UV is ready to toast you like a s’more but trekking around this area is crucial to seeing the city from all sides. You get the best view and balance of the nature and downtown atmosphere. Even on a gloomy day, I really enjoyed walking around and seeing Austin from the footpath!!

Thanks for the food and the memories, ATX. I’ll be back someday!