Almond Milk & Energy Balls

If you haven't jumped on the almond milk train... you're on the wrong train, my friend!

I am absolutely in love with making homemade almond milk. I definitely still buy some from the store because it's shelf life is better and it's easier to access, but the homemade stuff just cannot be beat! 

I wanted to share this basic recipe with you just in case you're wanting to see what all the hype is about.

Homemade Almond Milk

What I used:

  • Raw almonds: 1 cup. Pro-tip!!! Buy these in bulk at your grocery store. Almonds and other nuts that you can buy raw in bulk have so many uses and it's actually cheaper than buying a prepackaged bag or container.

  • Water: 5 cups

    • Optional: cinnamon & pure vanilla extract (Adding a medjool date or a tablespoon of maple syrup/honey is a great way to naturally sweeten your milk, if you're into that!)

How I did it:

Soak 1 cup of almonds in 1 cup of water, at least for an hour but preferably overnight. The longer you soak, the more the natural oils from the almonds will be extracted!

Drain and rinse the soaked almonds

Add the almonds, 4 cups of water, 1 tsp of vanilla extract and a dash or three of cinnamon to the blender and blend

Loosely cover a mason jar with cheesecloth, fastening a rubber band around the mouth

Slowly pour the mixture into the cheesecloth

Remove the cheesecloth and almond pulp and squeeze to ensure there is no remaining milk

Cover the mason jar and refrigerate and enjoy for up to 3 days!


Because we are all about not wasting food in this kitchen, here are 2 recipes to make use of the almond pulp!

Peanut Buttery Energy Balls

What I used: 

Mix all the ingredients and form into 5 balls!

Chocolate Lover Energy Balls

What I used: 

Mix and enjoooooy!!