Greens, Eggs, & a Pot of Gold

I am beyond excited for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! So excited that I decided to make a little breakfast full of green goodness that would hopefully inspire you to throw some green goodies into your holiday breakfast, too!

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday that my family loves to celebrate. My great grandma is the most sarcastic full-blooded Irish lady I know. She still has more jokes in her than our entire family combined, and I'm almost positive that she's the reason my family loves to make Corned Beef and Cabbage on the 17th of March every year. 

I have a weird sense of pride knowing my Irish blood is so strong. I think the reason why St. Patty's is a day that gives me a lot of excitement and life is because my family has this same feeling. A little leprechaun flag plants itself outside our front door (I can guarantee that he puts himself there. It's the most logical explanation) and you can bet that our beaded necklaces with four-leaf clovers are about to be pulled out of hibernation. 

I made a breakfast with almost all things green because I love March 17th with so much in me. 

Greens, Eggs, & a Pot of Gold

This is so easy! I really don't have to explain much. 

  • Egg whites, spinach, and pepper in a greased pan. Scramble.

  • 100% whole wheat toast, avocado and pepper on top.

  • Granny Smith green apple, sliced and paired with a pot of gold! (crunchy peanut butter, obviously)

  • Green tea in a green mug because it is the proper thing to do on a day like this one


That's it. A healthy breakfast full of greens and proteins and the luck of the Irish!!

Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day!