Square Organics

The first thing I pop into my bag when leaving the house is one of these little guys! I follow a couple of RDs (registered dietitians) and one in particular (@beccamariebristow) got me hooked on them. 

These lil square bars are so delicious and come in a huge variety of flavors. My absolute favorites are the chocolate covered ones! The month of February they are selling a combo box with 3x peanut butter, 3x cookie dough, and 3x almond spice (all of which are great, trust).

I find myself eating a protein bar usually everyday. Typically, I'll throw one in my gym bag to eat after I workout, in my backpack to snack on in between classes, or if I'm running out the door I'll toss one in my bag just in case I get a little peckish (let's be real, the odds of me getting hungry are in the favor of that square bar not making it out alive). 

I love em. Maybe you will, too!


P.S. Scroll down to check out that ingredients list, it's all pronounceable!!! 

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