An Introduction

As I venture into this new hobby of documenting something that is typically mundane in the eyes of most, I am filled with excitement to keep you all in the loop on a part of my life that I am so passionate about. 

I tend to get asked about my eating habits and why I eat the way I do. A common question I'm faced with is "oh, you eat healthy huh?"... I don't really know why a sort of shame is tied to answering this question in the affirmative. Why do I feel weird about enjoying healthy eating? Beats me.

Sure, I try my best to eat healthy. I put an enormous amount of effort into eating whole foods and limiting myself to the kinds of things that are wrapped in lengthy ingredient lists. But heck, I live in a world where there is such a heavenly thing known as mint chip ice cream. And sometimes my soul needs that. Laugh now, but seriously my soul really does need mint chip ice cream. Thrifty's sets my heart ablaze. But sometimes my soul needs a spinach-banana smoothie. Just like how somedays my body tells me that it wants to run a few miles, other days it tells me it wants to take a break and lay down for stupid amounts of the day. Balance and intuition are key to living a healthy life. There is truth in saying that eating foods that keep my body happy make me happy, just as there is truth in saying that eating foods that keep my soul happy make me happy. Healthy to me is a balance of physical and mental wellness.

Balaaaaance, friends. Balance!!!

I've gone through different stages of my life, times where I've tested my metabolism, gotten a little too obsessive with counting calories, and times where all I want to eat is gallons of (surprise) mint chip ice cream or bagels loaded with peanut butter. Through most of these seasons, I've noticed a similar sort of shame tied with my eating habits. The truth is, I don't feel that anyone should feel shameful about the way they eat. 

Food is such an awesome gift, God has blessed us with the ability to enjoy the things that nourish and sustain us. I plan on spending the rest of my days enjoying the foods I eat, eating balanced and intuitively, and loving myself in the process.

Life is far too short to not let yourself eat good food. And even worse, it's definitely far too short to eat good food and then feel bad about eating it. 

Here's to a space of sharing my zeal towards good food! 

Maybe I'll share the bomb breakfast my dad and I make most mornings that's super healthy and filling, or maybe I'll share the lethally delicious oatmeal cookies I love to bake.

Balance. Is. Key.



Here goes nothin,


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