Hi, I’m KAilee

I'm a 21-year-old girl from Southern California whose light shines undeniably brighter when surrounded by all things food and food culture.

The little seed of love for food was planted back in high school where I studied French for four years and, there, was introduced to French food culture documentaries. Food-lovers like me, but more enveloped into the world I didn’t yet know I would one day find myself in, traveled through francophone countries witnessing, learning, and tasting the local cuisine.

My dreams have been evolving as I, too, have. The same excitement I find cooking and creating in my kitchen is found all over the world.

I’m currently a full-time university student and full-time creative. Working with chefs, designers, brands, and my own creative intuition, I create recipes, make food, and take photos of the process start to finish.

When I’m in my kitchen, I love making, mimicking, and most importantly enjoying fun and healthy recipes! 

Whether you’re here because you like my recipes, are interested in my photos, or because someone shared this website on Facebook and your curiosity clicked, I’m really really glad you’re here.